Welcome to AmFeed

AMFeed is the fastest blockchain in the world that has real external utility, several times the speed of any other comparable chain. AMFeed is also the only provider of live crypto trading data in the form of streaming 3D price-volume charts. Our exchange promises to boast some of the largest bitcoin holders in the world acting as market makers.

AmFeed: Mission

AMFeed stands for All Markets Feed, and our aim is to provide the most intuitive, transparent market data for every asset in the world. AMFeed began as an experiment to better-represent Bitcoin price data, and especially, to highlight voluminous wash trading in digital asset markets. After opening up a test run in alpha, AMFeed's Bitcoin charts quickly became one of the most popular features in among crypto traders.

AMFeed has developed an X11 Blockchain to further its goals of providing visually captivating, tradeable data for investors of all markets. By utilising the Blockchain, AMFeed will be able to price all API data quotes in Feed, the Blockchain's minimum unit of account (the same as a Satoshi is to Bitcoin). Further, due to Masternode staking, AMFeed will be able to price its API quotes not via a centralised manner but in the form of decentralised voting among coin miners.

Token Specs

Algorithm: X11
Block type: Proof-of-Work
Coin name: AMFeed
Coin abbreviation: AMF
RPC port: 11355
P2P port: 11356
Block reward: 1123 coins
Block halving: 112358 blocks
Coin supply: 252,468,426
Premine amount: 112,358 coins

AmFeed Timeline & Roadmap

  1. AmFeed: Private Sale

    Private sale of coins to market makers and professional miners

  2. AmFeed: Main Markets

    Partnership discussions for professional crypto and main markets roll out of AMFeed

  3. AmFeed: Bitcoin Stream

    Kickoff with launch of cryptocurrency charts and data & launch of AMFeed Blockchain

  4. AmFeed: Digital Markets

    Wider market APIs inclusion and partnership announcements; initial sales

  5. AmFeed: News + Media

    Begin launch of news and media platform

  6. AmFeed: Messenger

    Initiation of communications and messaging platform with socnet data facilities

  7. AmFeed: Global Marketing

    New team appointment to synergise new product development and sales

How AmFeed Works

1) We price all our live streaming APIs in Feeds, the smallest unit of AMFeed's currency.
2) If a bank or a brokerage, or even a retail trader wishes, they pay a one-time fee charged in AMF and an annual fee charged in Feed.
3) For sales made in Feed, we hold the currency aside for one year before selling it to account for income. This keeps the AMF price buoyant throughout all market demand variations.
4) Holders of AMF can propose new feeds and even reprice existing fees. Our sales model is entirely decentralised and market-oriented.
5) Over time, AMFeed will add additional features such as news, media and real time trading tools.